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"... We will hurl ourselves

Into the reality of this void 


Which awaits our love

As I wait for you each day.  


Come with me into the void!  



               - Yves Klein 

Hello, I’m Natalie


"As an artist, educator, and curator, I create
a safe space for students and creators to voice
their opinions and thoughts. My
personalized approach to teaching,
learning, and support ensure
that learners flourish and
become independent and creative
thinkers and makers.

Ideas need space to run around
and bump into others. To do this
requires guardians who explore
possibilities, connect the dots,
distill information into simple
And expand our perception of human culture.

That’s where I come in."

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Since 2015, Natalie has maintained her studio practice and earned a Masters in fine arts while teaching  photography, design, and visual literacy at various universities.

You can find her represented through galleries such as theGALLERY32798 in Orlando. Natalie is also entering the metaverse- minting her first NFTs and preparing for her first drop. 

As a consultant, she conducts sessions to help individuals and groups brush up or build on their creative abilities, lateral thinking, and media skills, while adding to their professional development. 

Currently, Natalie teaches at Daytona State and Valencia College. She recently founded contemporary art space liquidmirror gallery, an upcoming nonprofit in Orlando.

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